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List of the Top 5 Web Developers and their services in Mandvi, Gujarat area.

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Wiz Infotech

Wiz Infotech

Summary of Wiz Infotech

Wiz Infotech is a technology company founded by Mr. Monank Shah. They specialize in corporate website development, software development, mobile application development, and software support. With their head office in Gujarat, they also accept software outsourcing assignments.

Services Offered

  • Corporate website development
  • Software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Software support

Website Development Team

Wiz Infotech's efficient website development team focuses on the coding and writing markups of websites, rather than the designing aspects.

Customized Windows and Web Based Applications

With years of experience and expertise, Wiz Infotech offers software services for developing customized windows and web-based applications.

Remote Application Programs

Wiz Infotech specializes in creating application programs that reside on remote servers and are delivered to users' devices over the Internet.

Mobile App Development

They are experts in providing mobile app development services to help businesses succeed.

SEO Services

Wiz Infotech helps businesses get their websites to the top of search engines like Google through SEO, resulting in increased visitors and profitability.

Application Management

Wiz Infotech not only builds applications but also manages them to ensure their best skills truly complement their clients' businesses.

Contact Information

To get in touch with Wiz Infotech, fill out the enquiry form on their website. They typically respond within the same business day.

Office Address: Office No 3 First Floor Pragati Complex 2, opp Taramati Garden, Mandvi Bhuj Highway, Mandvi, Kutch 370465

Address Office No. 3, First Floor, Pragati Complex, 2, Mandvi - Bhuj Hwy, opp. Taramati Garden, Poonam Nagar, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Business Type Software company
Google Rating 5
Google Reviews
Cody Tech

Cody Tech

CodyTech: Your Partner in Business Success

CodyTech is a reputable agency that specializes in Android app development, web design, and logo design. With a team of experts, they are dedicated to matching clients with the right providers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Recognized for their high rate of customer satisfaction, CodyTech only compares market leaders known for their service quality. They are committed to providing the best services and actively work towards helping businesses establish their unique identity.

When it comes to web design, CodyTech understands that it goes beyond creating visually appealing layouts. They focus on comprehending the marketing challenges businesses face and strive to deliver thoughtful and purposeful websites.

Passionate about their work, CodyTech collaborates with clients worldwide to create seamless and effortless user experiences. By following Android Design Guidelines and staying updated with new trends, they ensure that their Android apps meet the highest standards.

From the initial stages of analysis and planning to the final design, CodyTech prioritizes top quality products with beautiful design and clean code. Their apps are easily configurable and customizable, providing ultimate satisfaction to their clients.

With an understanding that great design tells a compelling story, CodyTech's graphic designers possess the vision and creativity to transform graphic components and illustrations into technical pieces of art.

As a reliable agency, CodyTech has been delivering exceptional services since 2017. They are committed to providing the best service delivery, aiming for 100% quality and success in their clients' businesses.

By offering project installation support at affordable prices, CodyTech ensures that their clients achieve their ultimate goals. They believe in digital marketing as a way to boost businesses, aiming to be what people are interested in rather than interrupting their interests.

Choose CodyTech as your partner in business success and witness the difference they can make in establishing your unique identity and achieving your goals.

Service Features:

  • Android app development
  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • Top quality products with beautiful design
  • Clean code
  • Easily configurable and customizable apps
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Project installation support
  • Committed to 100% quality and success
  • Digital marketing expertise


CodyTech's mission is to provide top quality products and services that help businesses establish their unique identity and achieve success. Their vision is to be recognized as a global leader in Android app development, web design, and logo design, while delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Address Hazira Rd, Swamiji Sheri, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Business Type Software company
Google Rating
Google Reviews

Web Seva

Address Web Seva, Status Plaza, Pragati Complex, Bhuj Octro, Ashpura, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Business Type Website designer
Google Rating
Google Reviews

If- Website Development And Digital Marketing

Address Mahima children ware, opp. grass markete, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Business Type Website designer
Google Rating
Google Reviews

Infofutures Technology

Address R9J3+M9V, first floor of mahima cloths, opposite grassmarket bhid bazar, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Business Type Website designer
Google Rating
Google Reviews

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